Hey everyone sorry for the slow news period, I haven’t forgotten my stories don’t worry. The good news is Defenders of the Underworld is complete (yay) and has been sent off to a few publishers with more going out in the future.

I am still undecided on the next short story to work on, the sheer amount of stories I have started and stopped has made it difficult but the ‘Beginnings’ of some notable characters in the Leros of the Underworld universe are complete. I may try a different setting for the next batch.



Shedding is available!


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/New Year! Here is Shedding a comedy/romantic mix, starring Leros, Cobera, Lilica and Mimi in this hilarious misunderstanding.

Leros’s carnal home in the underworld knows no bounds, Cobera has started to take an interest in him, causing a series of humor filled and emotional events. Enjoy!

The best 4 player co-op games on ps4


Cooperative play is awesome. Here are the best things to play online or with friends in the coming holiday season.My personal favorite is Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, the game borders on comedy when there are 4 of you hacking up and throwing spells at a boss. (Best played alone first though!)

Haikyu gets the thumbs up


Generally after watching a first season of something like Haikyu I tend to forget almost everything by the time a sequel is aired. Haikyu however, does it right and immediately reignites my memory with nothing but the Karasuno volleyball team and all their enjoyable quirks. Haikyu is something I’d recommend to anybody, I didn’t like volleyball or know anything about it till I watched this show, now I’m much more informed and pleased I’d tried something new all those months ago.

Of course since this is the second season of Haikyu it’s a must to watch the first. The trials and growth of the team and main character Hinata is something not to miss out on. That being said the second season is still tons of fun; the characters in the show really make it shine more than the majority of anime today. Whether you like volleyball or not don’t let the setting discourage you, and enjoy all the interactions in the show.

Haikyu is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.