Leros of the Underworld Price Down


Due to the imminent arrival of Defenders of the Underworld I’ve taken the liberty of reducing the prices for Leros of the Underworld on Amazon. I’d be happy if more people could enjoy it and look forward to the next one.


Thought Bubble Leeds


One of the biggest comic conventions in the UK, Thought Bubble arrived last week in Leeds. I went to check it out. Plenty of comics as you can imagine but also some board games to play. Lighthouse Futures Trust was raising awareness of their charity for people with autism too. I had a lovely chat with the people there. Here’s me looking a bit too relaxed at the scene…


Lilica’s Profile


Added Lilica’s profile to the characters page.

Lilica is a Petlan, a humanoid flower. Petlan’s are generally peaceful and (funnily enough) love natural things. They are rarely seen out in public and man-made places as the land is unsuitable for them.

Lilica is one of the many characters in Defenders of the Underworld. Her personality frequently creates conflict and comedic misunderstandings. Enjoy!

I’m Back!


Title says it all really. I’ve returned from my adventures in Japan and have the editing and formatting finished for the paperback Defenders of the Underworld. Just waiting for the cover now. I picked up so much inspiration and met lots of good people in Japan and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. If you yourself are thinking of taking a year or two out and travelling, do it. It’s worth so much more than you think.

Unfortunately progress has been slow re-learning everything about my books and such but we are back on track. I’ll start compiling and adding character pages next because there are so many characters in the next book. It will be much more enjoyable if you know about them. Pictures are going to be hard to come by as I don’t possess the skill to make them as I’d like. Perhaps in the future I’ll have them commissioned.

Anyway look forward to Defenders of the Underworld and glad to be back!



Hey everyone sorry for the slow news period, I haven’t forgotten my stories don’t worry. The good news is Defenders of the Underworld is complete (yay) and has been sent off to a few publishers with more going out in the future.

I am still undecided on the next short story to work on, the sheer amount of stories I have started and stopped has made it difficult but the ‘Beginnings’ of some notable characters in the Leros of the Underworld universe are complete. I may try a different setting for the next batch.


Shedding is available!


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/New Year! Here is Shedding a comedy/romantic mix, starring Leros, Cobera, Lilica and Mimi in this hilarious misunderstanding.

Leros’s carnal home in the underworld knows no bounds, Cobera has started to take an interest in him, causing a series of humor filled and emotional events. Enjoy!