The universe is expandng…


Created a page on the places in the universe and added some information on the Underworld. This page is going to take a long time to fill! Keep an eye out and I’ll include in my posts if I have added anything.


Alice’s profile is complete…for now


Will another character be revealed next, or perhaps some insights into the world of Earth Alpha itself, maybe even the Underworld will be given some light? Not much is certain in these dark times so violate this page with your eyes in the meantime.

Updated Leros’s profile, also started one on Alice, a witch of Earth Alpha


Alice is a witch at the Aero Magic Academy on Earth Alpha. Her lack of confidence makes her screw up all her spells. Find her in the characters page!

Added the following to Leros’s profile:

Gender: Male.

Race: Demon/homunculus.

Class: Demonic hero.

Likes: Peaceful nights.

Dislikes: His alter ego.

Hobbies: Being a hero, spending time with gals, playing video games.

Cameo Appearance!



The steampunk event in armley mills on October 11th had lots of fun items for display. I trotted along with fellow author Alex James and mcdougalled the scene (Google Outlaw Star Mcdougall brothers). Even had a mini poster!