Its been awhile!


Lack of updates are due to the fault of my computer breaking but I am back for more now!

Updated Scorpina’s page.

Coming soon:

It’s Alive! (Short story starring Scorpina)

Revenge. (Short story)

Leros of the Underworld – The Tournament (Full length novel)



Published my first short story!


Slow news I know but guess what…I’ve published a short story! Hooray! Find it on smashwords, possibly the best place for both readers and authors in the world.

Alice is a witch at the esteemed Aero Magic Academy and spends her days of solitude up high in the clouds. Inept and lacking confidence; Alice must be strong to endure constant teasing and bullying from her classmates and apathetic teachers. When will these sad days come to an end?

Another Tiring Day of Magic is set on Earth Alpha, a world with magic ley-lines surging through the elements, and evolved creatures that resemble native humans called humanoids. Alice’s story acts as a prologue in a larger novel soon to grace the world, keep an eye out!