Dealing with the E3 Aftermath


So its been a few weeks since E3 happened, feeling stuck on what to do next? Gaming down that backlog is a good idea, or play prequels to the games coming out in September. See my full article including thoughts on E3 and how to deal with summer blues here.

On a side note, less than 10 days to enter the Goodreads giveaway of Leros of the Underworld: The Tournament. Get entering folks.


Leros of the Underworld: The Tournament eBook Available for Pre-order


Finally the eBook version of Leros of the Underworld: The Tournament is up for pre-order. Some places you can find it are Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple to name a few, as well as amazon which is where the print version is.

Also don’t forget to enter the print giveaway on Goodreads, it ends in 15 days!

Hopefully many of you will enjoy the story I’ve worked on for the past few years, your support is appreciated. I will continue to write more short stories as well as the sequel to Leros of the Underworld: The Tournament.


A Day’s Venture is available!


My longest and most impressive short story to date is now A Days Venture Coveravailable for download on Smashwords for free! A Day’s Venture is set after the events of Leros of the Underworld: The Tournament and follows Ghost, the creepy humanoid spider.

Ghost is tasked with leading a tour around the Dark Palace in this slice of life adventure. Her unique personality and odd behavior will guarantee an exciting time for the four visitors of Earth Alpha.

Making a reappearance (or appearance for most) from Leros of the Underworld: The Tournament is Nekona, Cobera, Scorpina, and Mimi.


Blurb below:

In this palace exploring adventure we’ll see familiar characters from Leros of the Underworld: The Tournament.

Ghost, the creepily adorable humanoid spider of the Dark Palace has many eccentricities and even more social issues but tries her best to be nice to others, even if it is in a deluded and perverse way. Let’s see what’s in store for this spider today.

Seeing the palace today is: Nekona the dim and energetic cat, Mimi the enticing succubus, Cobera the shy and timid snake, and Scorpina the large and silent mutant scorpion. There will be tears, smiles, and secrets revealed.

A Day’s Venture is set after the events of Leros of the Underworld: The Tournament.


Gamer Habits and Virtual Reality


Gamers have many habits whether its collecting or having the need to complete everything possible in a day. These habits are sometimes fueled and even groomed by the very developers of games.

Last week I wrote an article on such habits and included some of my thoughts on where the gaming industry might be headed. After watching E3 it seems virtual reality gaming is actually going to be the next big thing, maybe not this year or the next, but someday soon. I for one can’t wait for this day and hope it will inspire my novels and short stories more vividly in the future.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires Review


Always been a fan of the empires series so a little happy and sad with what they’ve done with it. Me and friend always complain it isn’t cooler, like being able to co-op online as a kingdom rather than just a soldier.

“I need reinforcements, they’re at the front gates!”

“I’m on the way with 50000 men!”


Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires Review

Updates and a new short story out soon


Updated the novels and short stories sections and added the cover images to their pages. Also announcing ‘A Days Venture’ a cute story set after the events of Leros of the Underworld: The Tournament (It doesn’t spoil the novel… I don’t think…).

A Days Venture follows Ghost, the resident humanoid spider of the Dark Palace in the Underworld. Ghost is quite frankly a naughty little spider and takes pleasure in stalking others and investigating both their habits and bodies (yes, exactly what you’re thinking). Her escapade in A Days Venture involves giving four new arrivals the tour of the palace.

We will learn much more about Ghost and the dark palace in this story, its also about double the size of my other three short stories… combined! Look forward to it.