Thanks for the input


I had a great time on Reddit I’ll still be hanging around if people want to keep asking questions. Also a new article dealing with issues about service interruptions and what we can do about it.


Ebook edition available and Reddit appearance!


Leros of the Underworld: The Tournament Ebook edition is now available, Smashwords and Amazon to name a few. I hope any who support me enjoy the novel, more will be on the way.

Also added the profile of Ghost the diverse and adorable humanoid spider of the Dark Palace.

This is a good opportunity to announce on 27/07/2015 I’ll be the ‘writer of the day’ on the /r/Fantasy subreddit. Feel free to come along and ask me anything, silly or serious and I’ll try my best to respond 🙂


Thanks for the Interest!


First off a BIG thank you to everyone who entered the Goodreads giveaway for Leros of the Underworld: The Tournament, your interest is very appreciated.

Secondly a HUGE congratulations to the winner Elizabeth, I hope you enjoy the novel, if not it makes a good coaster.

More giveaways will happen in time folks and as a thank you the special pre-order price for Leros of the Underworld: The Tournament eBook edition will be extended. Oddly enough we landed on 777 entries for the giveaway which gave me a slight chuckle though I don’t know why…

Finally, introducing The Wild a short story about the energetic and air-headed humanoid cat Nekona. This one is very lighthearted and gives a short background on the aforementioned as well as a humorous story of how she ended up in the tournament in the main novel.