Being a good citizen in final Fantasy XIV


Newest article about the journey and interactions you might have when delving into this brilliant game. Be sure to check out Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward if you haven’t already.


Announcing new story and updated revenge


ReRevenge covervenge has been edited and is now a lot cleaner and generally reads better.

Also announcing Webs a small romantic/erotic story highlighting some of the darker, funnier and less talked about activities inside the Dark Palace of the Underworld, which I will be doing more of. It’s a given but since I included the word I’d best clarify that Webs will be 18+ same as all my characters and intended for adult audiences much like the rest of my dark stories.

The main characters in Webs are Ghost, the familiar humanoid spider, and Leros the recent ruler of the underworld.

Its that time of the week for Ghost as she undergoes treatment for her built up poison at Leros’s careful hands. She could either choose a syringe and have the poison sucked out directly or take the less painful route of forcing it out with the rest of her natural juices. Its kind of obvious which choice she makes!