I’m Back!


Title says it all really. I’ve returned from my adventures in Japan and have the editing and formatting finished for the paperback Defenders of the Underworld. Just waiting for the cover now. I picked up so much inspiration and met lots of good people in Japan and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. If you yourself are thinking of taking a year or two out and travelling, do it. It’s worth so much more than you think.

Unfortunately progress has been slow re-learning everything about my books and such but we are back on track. I’ll start compiling and adding character pages next because there are so many characters in the next book. It will be much more enjoyable if you know about them. Pictures are going to be hard to come by as I don’t possess the skill to make them as I’d like. Perhaps in the future I’ll have them commissioned.

Anyway look forward to Defenders of the Underworld and glad to be back!


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