Gender: Female

Race: Humanoid Snake (Lamia)

Class: Cowardly Cobra


Cobera grew up without friends or family and was very lonely; she desires warmth and love, which drives her to enter the tournament to find a strong suitor for protection. In the Underworld Cobera is one of the better gamers in the group and always competes with Ghost for dominance.


Hair colour: Black

Hair type: Mid-length curly

Skin colour: Pale

Eyes: Reptilian yellow with a vertical pupil

Clothing: None

Other features: Lower half is comprised of a black scaled snake tail. A cobra snake hood covers her back and stretches over her head to look like a hoody. A terrifying image is on the back of her hood to frighten enemies. Scales cover her body in an extravagant pattern, including her bust.

Build: Slender

Bust size: Small


A shy young girl feared by many due to her natural snake heritage. Cobera spreads her arms wide to give strangers hugs but they flee in terror and think they’ll be devoured. She is quite demanding in her comfort seeking and will coil around friend and foe alike to achieve her goals.

Likes: Warmth

Dislikes: Being alone

Hobbies: Hugging, sleeping, constricting, nibbling, and playing in her tunnels.



An unknown desert on Earth Alpha


As a humanoid snake Cobera has very dangerous natural weapons. From toxins in her fangs to muscles that can crush steel, she also has many natural defences.

  • Wrap – from constricting prey to constricting… friends, Cobera could trap a human for life in her ‘snakey’ embrace.
  • Fear – The frightening pattern on her back is used to ward off dangerous beasts and dim humans/humanoids from approaching her.
  • Invisibility – Yeah…
  • Venom – Cobera houses a paralyzing toxin in her fangs, saliva, and claws; no better way to sedate her victims.