Hey everyone sorry for the slow news period, I haven’t forgotten my stories don’t worry. The good news is Defenders of the Underworld is complete (yay) and has been sent off to a few publishers with more going out in the future.

I am still undecided on the next short story to work on, the sheer amount of stories I have started and stopped has made it difficult but the ‘Beginnings’ of some notable characters in the Leros of the Underworld universe are complete. I may try a different setting for the next batch.



Shedding is available!


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/New Year! Here is Shedding a comedy/romantic mix, starring Leros, Cobera, Lilica and Mimi in this hilarious misunderstanding.

Leros’s carnal home in the underworld knows no bounds, Cobera has started to take an interest in him, causing a series of humor filled and emotional events. Enjoy!

New story, Webs


Webs is out on Smashwords and will be sooWebs Covern available elsewhere. Webs focuses on Ghost and Leros, they will both be having some rather risque experiences in order to ease the different pains they both have.

Its my first dip into the erotic genre so don’t expect many more but the activities are closely linked to the dark fantasy universe that is Leros of the Underworld.