Cobera – The cowardly cobra


Added the page for Cobera, the star of the upcoming Shedding short story. Cobera is very shy and has a very frightening appearance, making others flee in terror at the sight of her. In reality she only wants hugs (like everyone!) and is incredibly misunderstood. 😦



Ebook edition available and Reddit appearance!


Leros of the Underworld: The Tournament Ebook edition is now available, Smashwords and Amazon to name a few. I hope any who support me enjoy the novel, more will be on the way.

Also added the profile of Ghost the diverse and adorable humanoid spider of the Dark Palace.

This is a good opportunity to announce on 27/07/2015 I’ll be the ‘writer of the day’ on the /r/Fantasy subreddit. Feel free to come along and ask me anything, silly or serious and I’ll try my best to respond 🙂