Shedding is available!


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/New Year! Here is Shedding a comedy/romantic mix, starring Leros, Cobera, Lilica and Mimi in this hilarious misunderstanding.

Leros’s carnal home in the underworld knows no bounds, Cobera has started to take an interest in him, causing a series of humor filled and emotional events. Enjoy!


Shedding The News


Shedding is coming along nicely with the picture of Cobera looking damn fine, look forward to it soon.

In other news lets revisit Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage and reminisce on its awesomeness as well as fight for more Japanese games to come to the west!


Good news for UK readers and a new story announcement


Smashwords the main website I post my short stories on has signed a distribution deal with Gardners, a massive UK distributor. Hopefully this will help UK readers find my stories as well as other great ones easier.

Also announcing Shedding a story featuring Cobera the snake woman and Leros as well as a few others, look forward to it!

In other news a bust a move 2 retro reflection, puzzle bobble busting fun at its best.