Haikyu gets the thumbs up


Generally after watching a first season of something like Haikyu I tend to forget almost everything by the time a sequel is aired. Haikyu however, does it right and immediately reignites my memory with nothing but the Karasuno volleyball team and all their enjoyable quirks. Haikyu is something I’d recommend to anybody, I didn’t like volleyball or know anything about it till I watched this show, now I’m much more informed and pleased I’d tried something new all those months ago.

Of course since this is the second season of Haikyu it’s a must to watch the first. The trials and growth of the team and main character Hinata is something not to miss out on. That being said the second season is still tons of fun; the characters in the show really make it shine more than the majority of anime today. Whether you like volleyball or not don’t let the setting discourage you, and enjoy all the interactions in the show.

Haikyu is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.


Anime Reviews


So from now on I’ll be trying to give some thoughts on anime that airs each season in Japan. Anime is one of my main inspirations as a writer and one of my favorite hobbies so it makes sense!

Among other sites the best legal places to watch anime are Daisuki.net and Crunchyroll.com. Today I’ll give my impressions of the first few episodes of One Punch Man, a brilliant superhero comedy. Enjoy!


It’s clear One Punch Man is a superhero anime but what isn’t obvious is how hilarious and damn fun it can be. Saitama, the main character, seems ordinary if not a little stoic most of the time. He is atypical in society and focuses on the little things in life, like relaxation and saving innocents. Even when a monster appears he’s calm and finishes the job quickly albeit messily, paying homage to the title ‘One Punch Man’.

One Punch Man starts off showcasing the hero standing up to an evil monster, capable of much destruction and mayhem. Where other heroes failed, Saitama, The One Punch Man, would succeed… and so his first victim is harshly dismembered with a vague non-committal punch. Saitama’s enemies may be serious but he is anything but and continues to play this tune throughout the first few battles.

If not pausing in the middle of a standoff to empty dirt out of his undergarments, Saitama is acting both silly and somewhat careless. This golden comedy combined with the brilliant over-the-top art style and crazy monsters, makes One Punch Man something for everybody to enjoy. We’ll see how this trend continues but I have high hopes for One Punch Man this season.