Shedding The News


Shedding is coming along nicely with the picture of Cobera looking damn fine, look forward to it soon.

In other news lets revisit Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage and reminisce on its awesomeness as well as fight for more Japanese games to come to the west!



Star Wars Battlefront 2: Retro Reflection


Having played the new Star Wars battlefront it was time to revisit an old favorite, and I still love it! The biggest let down is the lack of galactic conquest 😦 but its still a fun game to play, just make sure you bring back up…

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Retro Reflection – Sumonix


The best 4 player co-op games on ps4


Cooperative play is awesome. Here are the best things to play online or with friends in the coming holiday season.My personal favorite is Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, the game borders on comedy when there are 4 of you hacking up and throwing spells at a boss. (Best played alone first though!)

Gamer Habits and Virtual Reality


Gamers have many habits whether its collecting or having the need to complete everything possible in a day. These habits are sometimes fueled and even groomed by the very developers of games.

Last week I wrote an article on such habits and included some of my thoughts on where the gaming industry might be headed. After watching E3 it seems virtual reality gaming is actually going to be the next big thing, maybe not this year or the next, but someday soon. I for one can’t wait for this day and hope it will inspire my novels and short stories more vividly in the future.