Thanks for the Interest!


First off a BIG thank you to everyone who entered the Goodreads giveaway for Leros of the Underworld: The Tournament, your interest is very appreciated.

Secondly a HUGE congratulations to the winner Elizabeth, I hope you enjoy the novel, if not it makes a good coaster.

More giveaways will happen in time folks and as a thank you the special pre-order price for Leros of the Underworld: The Tournament eBook edition will be extended. Oddly enough we landed on 777 entries for the giveaway which gave me a slight chuckle though I don’t know why…

Finally, introducing The Wild a short story about the energetic and air-headed humanoid cat Nekona. This one is very lighthearted and gives a short background on the aforementioned as well as a humorous story of how she ended up in the tournament in the main novel.


Dealing with the E3 Aftermath


So its been a few weeks since E3 happened, feeling stuck on what to do next? Gaming down that backlog is a good idea, or play prequels to the games coming out in September. See my full article including thoughts on E3 and how to deal with summer blues here.

On a side note, less than 10 days to enter the Goodreads giveaway of Leros of the Underworld: The Tournament. Get entering folks.

Leros of the Underworld: The Tournament eBook Available for Pre-order


Finally the eBook version of Leros of the Underworld: The Tournament is up for pre-order. Some places you can find it are Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple to name a few, as well as amazon which is where the print version is.

Also don’t forget to enter the print giveaway on Goodreads, it ends in 15 days!

Hopefully many of you will enjoy the story I’ve worked on for the past few years, your support is appreciated. I will continue to write more short stories as well as the sequel to Leros of the Underworld: The Tournament.